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Increase Website Traffic, Explode Your Sales Volumes, And Get More Targeted Prospects...

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Traffic Tactics Volume #1-6

 This Is A Must Have For Anyone With A Website: Apply These Little Known Tactics For Maximum Impact And See Your Web Visitor Stats Hit Through The Roof, Sales Records Increase, And Put A Strain On Your Autoresponder With The Hot Flow Of Leads!

Dear Website Owner,

I will keep this letter short and simple. As long as you own a website of any kind, you need this one essential ingredient: i's called traffic.

If you are in business or for profit, you will know that traffic, traffic, traffic is crucial to the website as location, location, location is to real estate.

Without traffic, a website - or an Online Business - will suffer, deteriorate, wither out, and eventually die. This will put your entire efforts to shame and waste because even the best sales copy ever written will not see a chance to be put to the test. And you will never find out if your offer actually converts visitors into customers in the first place.

And NOT just any traffic will do - you need targeted traffic.

The truth is that sending the right visitors to the right websites AND doing this in volumes - require skilled education. This isn't something you can achieve with your eyes blindfolded, not unless you already know what you are doing.

 Now for the good news...

Being able to master traffic generation at will cannot get any easier. Within a mouse click from this web page, you will discover my secret, little known tactics that require nothing more than small applications and tweaks to your website and efforts.

Yet the traffic results can be exponentially rewarding.

 And the BETTERS news...

Traffic generation mastery has never been so affordable before!

Introducing Traffic Tactics Volume #1:
 What Every Webmaster Should Know About Traffic Building

 Here's an exclusive sneak preview into this "Traffic Tactics" volume:

 How to Get Targeted Traffic vs Non-Targeted Traffic

  1. Article marketing
  2. Forum marketing
  3.  03. Traffic exchanges 04. Free classifieds
  4. Press releases
  5. Resource box
  6. Email
  7. Google AdWords
  8. Title tag
  9. Submission to directories
  10. HubPage and Squidoo
  11. Link Exchange partnership
  12. Joint ventures
  13. Affiliate programming
  14. Subscriber list
  15. Tell-a-friend
  16. Paid reviews
  17. Re-visits
  18. Error page
  19. Promotion
  20. Offers
  21. Yahoo! answers
  22. Customer support
  23. Commenting
  24. Screensaver
  25. Keywords
  26. eBay
  27. Blog entries
  28. Advertisement
  29. Pay-Per-Lead*

 Important Principles and Tips on Getting Traffic

  1. Quantity of traffic
    1. Quality of traffic
    2. Non-targeted traffic
    3. Targeted traffic
    4. RSS
    5. Email subscription
    7. Opt in box
    8. Free traffic
    9. Patience is virtue
    10. Videos
    11. The right message
    12. Solve
    13. Target audience
    14. Competitors
    15. Innovative ads
    16. Be regular
    17. Variety
    18. Digg styles are in
    19. Niche marketing
    20. Sign ups
    21. Web Theme
    22. Involve the subscribers and visitors
    23. Postcards and business cards
    24. Exchanges with other marketers can also help
    25. You can give away free e-books to visitors
    26. Signature
    27. Communities
    28. Testing
    29. Web space
    30.  What You Must Know About Traffic Building as a Webmaster

  1. Keyword research
    1. Uncluttered website
    2. Neat web pages
    3. Meta tags
    4. Avoid repetition of keywords
    5. Relevancy
    6. Home page
    7. Intranet
    8. Avoid redirect pages
    9. Analysis program
    10. Take it easy
    11. Control of error
    12. Maintain a record
    13. Improve your webpage rank
    14. Upgradation
    15. Complete web design
    16. Be a skilled webmaster
    17. Know what you want
    18. Organic listings
    19. Common words
    20. Javascripts
    21. CGI scripts
    22. No broken links
    23. Avoid frames
    24. Dedicated server
    25. Auto-surf traffic
    26. Buying traffic or impressions
    27. Tell-a- friend script
    28. The importance of back links
    29. Alexa banners


Introducing Traffic Tactics Volume #2:
 Fast Traffic Tactics

 Here's an exclusive sneak preview into this "Traffic Tactics" volume:

 Affiliate Program Tactics

  1. Select your target audience first
    1. How to approach your target audience
    2. Know what is hot and happening
    3. Have a positive and realistic mindset
    4. Have the right amount of information
    5. Use the power of Google Adwords
    6. Do your own writing
    7. Have a matching affiliate program
    8. Promote the in things
    9. Get paid - without sales
    10. Build a List
    11. Targeted Traffic Driving
    12. Position links well
    13. Clutter free diversification
    14. Don't try to fool your readers
    15. Look for alternate revenue streams too
    16. Use tools effectively
    17. Don't Overdo It
    18. Follow the results
    19. Have your own website
    20. Take part in forums and discussion boards
    21. Start your own ezine or newsletter
    22. Share a trustworthy relation with your readers
    23. Use e-mails
    24. Have a strong sales page
    25. Don't straightaway send prospects to the merchant's page
    26. Make people fill out your form
    27. Speed of replying
    28. Treat affiliates well
    29. Exchange plugs with affiliate managers

 Controversial Petition Traffic Tactics

  1. Petition marketing is a viral marketing petition
    1. ePetition
    2. The advantage
    3. E-petition is almost similar to a feed back form
    4. The party
    5. Scope for making a lot of money
    6. Keyword rich petition content
    7. Opt-in subscribers
    8.  09. petitionspot.com
       10. ipetitions.com
       11. Gopetition.com
       12. PetitionThem.com
    9. Petition portals
    10. Petition script
    11. Petition forum
    12. Petition Hosting Providers
    13. Affiliate program
    14. Mailing list managers
    15. Sponsored ads
    16. Featured petitions
    17. Premium services
    18. Donations
    19. Legal notice
    20. Promise privacy
    21. Tell a friend tab
    22. Petition topics
    23. Well written petitions
    24. The extra effect
    25. Mention your details
    26. Positive petitions

 Mailing List Advertising Tactics

  1. The articles that you send must be highly informative
    1. Make your emails simple and user friendly
    2. Keep your customers updated
    3. Get to the point and quick
    4. Experiment, reach out and try different things
    5. Work on your current customers to find new business opportunities
    6. Make the best use of your sales data base
    7. Your employees could be the source to get new clients
    8. Lists contained in your server are also a great help
    9. Request from your websites
    10. E-news letter subscription
    11. Try joining various groups and networks
    12. Try and figure out your target sale group
    13. Online discussion group
    14. Get the attention of the media
    15. Networking
    16. Be careful abut the purchase of mailing list
    17. Look at the economic benefits
    18. Have the right size of squeeze page
    19. Have no outgoing links
    20. Use bullets
    21. Keep your marketing list up to date
    22. Have valid permission
    23. Profile your marketing lists
    24. Make sure that your mails are not taken as spam
    25. Have crisp content
    26. Send a reasonable sized email
    27. Return receipts
    28. Use spell check
    29. Test your mails

 Paid Web Space Advertising Tactics

  1. Revenue models
    1. CPM ad
    2. Unique impression
    3. CPC
    4. Risk factor
    5. Ad performance
    6. CPA
    7. Cost per lead
    8. Cost per sale
    9. Best ad
    10. Regular checking of ads
    11. Check the ads YOURSELF
    12.  13. Ad content 14. Effective advertising
    13. Advertising deals
    14. Communicative ads
    15. Role of Google
    16. Expanded matching
    17. Increased click
    18. Blogging
    19. Text link advertising
    20. Paid syndication
    21. Feed based advertising
    22. Banner advertisements
    23. PPC
    24. News letter advertising
    25. Pick up the right sites
    26. Attract with banners
    27. Correct placement
    28. Participate Contest

 Pay-Per-Click Tactics

  1. Have keywords on the display URL
    1. Keep the keywords separated
    2. Keep an eye on your position
    3. Try out different advertising styles
    4. Have the key words on the landing page
    5. Avoid landing the potential customers on the home page
    6. Have a plan
    7. Use a software that can manage your bids
    8. Bid sensibly
    9. Choose keywords that are less bid for
    10. Bid on targeted keywords rather than general ones
    11. Bid on the lesser known PPC
    12. Create separate ads
    13.  14. Get listed in specialty pay per click 15. Write crisp ads
    14. Being ranked number is not all that important
    15. Try to have an exact match
    16. Phrase match
    17. Broad match
    18. Negative match
    19. Contextual targeting
    20. Geo-targeting
    21. Day parting
    22. Keyword research tool
    23. Multiple ads
    24. Avoid joining the crowd
    25. Check the cost and revenue ratio
    26. Try other PPC search engines
    27. Try to get ranked in the top 3 positions
    28. Make your landing page buyer friendly

 Peer-to-Peer Network Tactics

  1. Business growth
    1. Corporate network
    2. P2P format
    3. P2P is legal
    4. Attitude of the users
    5. Domain controller
    6. Logging in
    7. Know what you are sharing
    8. Protect your personal information
    9. Safe download
    10. The right source
    11. Latest anti-virus software
    12. Security tools
    13. No unlawful activities
    14. Spywares
    15. File sharing programs
    16. Be alert
    17. Avoid giving personal information
    18. Protect your PC
    19. Identifying of P2P users
    20. Port based analysis
    21. Port matching
    22. Protocol analysis
    23. P2P application solutions
    24. Signature based authentication
    25. Application level
    26. Naming the file
    27. Traffic information
    28. Recommended P2P networks
    29. Gnutella

 Tactics on Using Auction Sites and Tell-a-Friends to Drive Traffic

  1. The huge size of the market
    1. eBay can generate customers and sellers
    2. Geographic distance
    3. Time limits do not apply
    4. Buyers are ecstatic
    5. eBay auction is not capital intensive
    6. Benefits of online auction
    7. Auction ID
    8. About me
    9. Follow the rules
    10. Make allies
    11. Advertisements
    12. Traffic
    13. Keywords optimization
    14. Cross promotion
    15. Attractive catch phrases
    16. Interactive forums
    17.  18. Digg.com
       19. Bidd.buds
    18. Articles
    19. Reports
    20. Tell a Friend Script
    21. Attachment forwarding
    22. The strategy of Tell a friend script
    23. Recurring forwards
    24. Spreading the word
    25. No major skills required
    26. Just a click
    27. It's affordable!
    28. Steady results.
Introducing Traffic Tactics Volume #3:
 Long Term Traffic Tactics

 Here's an exclusive sneak preview into this "Traffic Tactics" volume:

 Article Marketing Tactics for Targeted Traffic

  1. Avail the advantages of Article marketing campaigns
    1. Overcoming setbacks
    2. Focus on the writing style
    3. Quality
    4. Frequency
    5. Wide genre
    6. Hiring ghostwriters
    7. Write for popular websites
    8. Specialized directories
    9. How to use leading search engines
    10. Success through search engines
    11. How to improve
    12. Keyword usage
    13. Regular submission
    14. Display your picture along side your article
    15. How to register in such sites
    16. Use multiple identities effectively
    17. Use blogs for auto-syndication of articles
    18. RSS feeds
    19. Exclusive articles
    20. Terms for exclusivity
    21. Podcasting
    22. Power of Podcasting
    23. Using Squidoo
    24. Quality matters
    25. Affiliates
    26. Networking
    27. Sharing Information
    28. Comment
    29. Act

 Blog for Traffic Tactics

  1. Use the right software
    1. Blog hosting
    2. Title tag
    3. Article marketing
    4. Tagging
    5. Technorati
    6. Boosting blog's visibility
    7. WTF at Technorati
    8. Rate and ranks
    9. Blog commenting
    10. Choose your blog topics
    11. Intelligent linking
    12. Invite contributors
    13. Interaction
    14. Provide answers!
    15. Tracking visitors
    16. Charisma
    17. Proper archives
    18. Blog URL
    19. Sharing information
    20. Don't go overboard
    21. Link bait
    22. Writing style
    23. Branding tool
    24. Blog submission
    25. Yahoo feed
    26. Google Adwords
    27. Blog name
    28. Frequency of blog posts
    29. Signatures

 Search Engine Traffic Tactics

  1. Domain age
    1. Regular upgrade
    2. Write for your visitors
    3. Press releases
    4. Flash
    5. Meta tags
    6. Heading tag
    7. Site map
    8. Keywords
    9. External links
    10.  11. Business address 12. Article distribution
    11. Images
    12. Multiple domains
    13. Link exchange
    14. Link titles
    15. Anchoring text
    16. Keyword research
    17. New PPC account
    18. Keyword stuffing
    19. Invisible content
    20. Heading tags
    21. Link farms
    22. Scope for improvement
    23. Be patient
    24. Set goals
    25. Make the best site
    26. SEO friendly URL
    27. Consider blogging
    28. Use tools

 Social Media Site Optimization Traffic Tactics

  1. SMO
    1. Nickname
    2. Build your name
    3. Be organized
    4. Cross bookmarking
    5. Social relationship
    6. Research
    7. Trust and relationship
    8. Link bait
    9. Posting links
    10. Natural links
    11. Interesting content
    12. Know your customers
    13. Arouse interest
    14. Don't be panicky
    15.  16. Have patience 17. Proper reply
    16. Crisp responses
    17. Yahoo answers
    18. Videos
    19. Using pictures
    20. StumbleUpon
    21. Digg
    22.  24. De.li.cious
    23. Listible
    24. Technorati
    25. Get into groups
    26. Traveling content
    27. Inbound links
    28. Upload your videos

 Tactics to Maintain Web Traffic Flow

  1. Link exchange
    1. Make use of proper keywords and also proper key phrases
    2. Submit articles that are interesting to read
    3. Offer a news letter on your website
    4. Advertise well
    5. Share your opinion by joining forums and creating online communities
    6. Exchange links
    7. Traffic exchange
    8. Make a newsletter
    9. Understand the working of search engines
    10. Pay per click program
    11. Inbound links
    12. Email marketing
    13. Blogs and RSS feed
    14. Try the social media and book marking web sites
    15. You can try other offline sources
    16. Organize your website well
    17. Stick to your central theme
    18. Other benefits of sticking to a central theme
    19. Provide user friendly information
    20. Get a keyword research done
    21. Create a simple and elegant design
    22. On-site optimization
    23. Create a title
    24. Post new content
    25. Remain active on the Internet
    26. Link
    27. Ezine advertising
    28. Distributing free report
    29. Submit your website to social book marking sites


Introducing Traffic Tactics Volume #4:
 The New Wave of Traffic Tactics

 Here's an exclusive sneak preview into this "Traffic Tactics" volume:

 Offline Traffic Tactics

  1. Guest star on a radio talk show
    1. Get yourself on television
    2. Be a guest speaker
    3. Make yourself into an expert
    4. Advertise in a local magazine
    5.  06. Get in a newsletter 07. Put up a billboard 08. Place newspaper ads
    6. Hand out flyers
    7. Use direct mailings
    8. Start up a telemarketing campaign
    9. Print up business cards
    10. Sponsor a contest
    11. Sponsor a sports team
    12. Give to charity
    13.  16. Get in the church bulletin 17. Develop an offline affiliate program
    14. Become a news story
    15. Host promotional product giveaways
    16. Print up tee shirts
    17. Pass out bumper stickers
    18. Use the old stand by of word of mouth
    19. Set up shop at fairs or festivals
    20. Print up pamphlets
    21. Send out text messages
    22. Post ads on bulletin boards
    23. Be a part of the Sunday paper
    24. Team up with a local business
    25. Create a phone book listing
    26. Think outside the box

 Social Networking Traffic Tactics

  1. Go where the people are
    1. Optimize for best results
    2. Add friends carefully
    3. Add content with care
    4. Use multi-media
    5. Be aware of your audience
    6. State your purpose
    7. Follow the rules
    8. Keep it updated
    9. Use photos
    10. Try social media sharing sites
    11. Customize
    12. Watch for hackers!
    13. Choose a reliable service
    14. Understand the network
    15. Take advantage of groups
    16. Fill out your profile
    17. Use all the features
    18. Don't sell
    19. Be professional but friendly
    20. Go public
    21. Visit others pages
    22. Stay active
    23. Add target content
    24. Link your site
    25. Choose a theme
    26. Learn how the site works and how to use it
    27. Don't be afraid to share
    28. Be honest
    29. Constantly reach out to others*

 Video Marketing Traffic Tactics

  1. Demonstrate how to use your products
    1. Give a complete and accurate picture of what you are selling
    2. Convey how important the customer is to you
    3. Demonstrate the unique qualities of your product
    4. Put testimonials in your video
    5. Back up your printed information with the video
    6. Use every aspect of video
    7. Make it compelling
    8. Think hard about how your video is presented
    9. Reuse old video to make something new
    10. Keep your video professional
    11. Do not overwhelm the consumer
    12. Tailor the video to your target market
    13. Get creative
    14. Place it wisely
    15. Stick with one basic message
    16. Do not forget to edit
    17. Test your video
    18. Give options to the consumer
    19. Change your video on occasion
    20. Choose the images and people in your video carefully
    21. Get ideas from commercials
    22. Try to keep costs low
    23. Scope out other internet videos
    24. Understand the power of video
    25. Use emotion
    26. Take full advantage of all the attention you get
    27. Keep it simple
    28. Don't over sell
    29. Show, not tell
Introducing Traffic Tactics Volume #5:
 Web Traffic Monetization Tactics

 Here's an exclusive sneak preview into this "Traffic Tactics" volume:

 Maximum Advertising Tactics

  1. Make up a good brochure
    1. Use direct mail for a targeted campaign
    2. Use an email campaign to its fullest potential
    3. Place an ad in a target market magazine
    4. Write articles
    5. Place newspaper ads in local papers
    6. Develop an online newsletter
    7. Participate in online chats
    8. Become a member of various message boards
    9. Use email and message board signature lines
    10. Place ads on bulletin boards
    11. Create business cards
    12. Try out a spot on the radio
    13. Develop a telemarketing campaign
    14. Run television ads
    15. Participate in a link exchange
    16. Put your contact number in the yellow pages
    17. Use precise wording
    18. Be honest
    19. Install confidence
    20. Be an expert
    21. Use promotional items
    22. Give away freebies
    23. Hand out bumper stickers
    24. Get your name out there
    25. Be professional
    26. Keep things simple
    27. Avoid flash
    28. Grab attention
    29. Find a niche

 Tactics on Building Yourself as a Niche Expert

  1. Know the latest news
    1. Stay up-to-date on changes
    2. Don't publish junk information
    3. Know how to present information
    4. Do research on important topics
    5. Provide your readers with information
    6. Teach
    7. Talk at your reader's level
    8. Be open to new ideas
    9. Expose misconceptions and myths
    10.  11. Let others talk about you 12. Showcase your credentials
    11. Talk with readers
    12. Get yourself published online and in print
    13. Establish good relationships with other experts
    14. Associate yourself with your topic
    15. Write articles
    16. Write for others
    17. Always keep learning
    18. Change what others think
    19. Think quality over quantity
    20. If you do not know then find out
    21. Socialize with a wide range of people
    22. Join clubs and groups
    23. If you are wrong then admit it
    24. Help others
    25. Don't flaunt your knowledge
    26. Back up what you say with facts
    27. Develop your image
    28. Be professional

 Tactics on Converting Visitors into Customers

  1. Keep it simple
    1. Use targeted headlines
    2. Get rid of distractions
    3. Ask for the sale
    4. Make it easy to buy
    5. Make it secure for the visitor
    6. Learn how to write copy
    7. Don't sell too much
    8. Use precise wording
    9. Know your target market
    10. Use links carefully
    11. Grab attention
    12. Check out top sites
    13. Be unique
    14. Give enough information
    15. Link your pages together
    16. Use a good sales model
    17. Get help from the professionals
    18. Make use of tools
    19. Don't change what works
    20. Use videos
    21. Make your website interesting
    22. Highlight what you are selling
    23. Give them a reason to buy
    24. Offer freebies
    25. Have sales and offers
    26. Show products
    27. Use email lists
    28. Be competitive
    29. Avoid distractions

 Traffic Monetizing Tactics

  1. Sign up for Google Adsense
    1. Sell Newsletter ad space
    2. Join affiliate programs
    3. Sell banner ad space on your home page
    4. Sell advertising space on your message board pages
    5. Sell links
    6. Build a directory
    7. Sell articles you have written or that you own
    8. Do not let monetizing get out of hand
    9. Double free gifts as promotional items
    10. Create lead lists to sell
    11. Build keyword lists
    12. Put your blog to work
    13. Team up with another business
    14. Sell your newsletter
    15. Sell your blog
    16. Make a membership area
    17. Buy up good keyword domain names and rent them out
    18. Use tagging sites
    19. Use in-text advertising
    20. Add a search box
    21. Build your own paid advertising programs
    22. Sell your Ebooks
    23. Sell your expertise
    24. Set up a donation account
    25. Add RSS feeds
    26. Get a sponsor
    27. Set up a seminar course
    28. Write a blog for another company
    29. Join a program where you can make brand merchandise


Introducing Traffic Tactics Volume #6:
 Web Site Optimization Tactics
 for More Leads

 Here's an exclusive sneak preview into this "Traffic Tactics" volume:

 Cost-Per-Action Tactics

  1. Understand the idea
    1. Calculate the benefit
    2. Track effectiveness
    3. Be precise
    4. Choose keywords wisely
    5. Investigate the company
    6. Make use of the tools included
    7. Target your market
    8. Understand the 24/7 market
    9. Don't drop the ball on your end
    10. Carry through and ask for the sale
    11. Look for competitive pricing
    12. Watch the competition
    13. Use different formats
    14. Promote one product
    15. Use as many keywords as possible
    16. Use call to action words
    17. Edit as needed
    18. Adjust bids often
    19. Make sure campaigns are working
    20. Have a clear goal
    21. Do not create competing ads
    22. Use unique URL's
    23. Research well before using
    24. Make it good content
    25. Take notes from top ads
    26. Grab attention
    27. Test new ideas
    28. Look at what others are doing outside your market
    29. Give it time

 Opt-in Form Placing Tactics

  1. Make your link clear
    1. Make your link prominent
    2. Promote on your home page
    3. Offer back subscriptions as samples
    4. Put subscribe links in emails
    5. Put link on sales and product pages
    6. Maximize your opt-in page
    7. Use testimonials
    8. Install confidence
    9. Make it valuable
    10. Offer incentives
    11. Be trustworthy
    12. Let them know what they will get
    13. Have a privacy policy
    14. Explain opt-in process
    15. Make the opt-in form easy to use
    16. Keep everything simple
    17. Ask for only what you need
    18. Use email validation
    19. Have a confirmation or other security check
    20. Give format options
    21. Give options to customize
    22. Have a way for them to opt out
    23. Have good content
    24. Use good forms and tools
    25. Keep good records
    26. Don't misuse records and information
    27. Be honest
    28. Be genuine
    29. Make friends with your subscribers
    30.  Squeeze Page Optimization Tactics

  1. Use multiple squeeze pages
    1. Target top keywords
    2. Research and incorporate it into your page
    3. Build customer confidence
    4. Avoid being too flashy
    5. Don't exaggerate
    6. Make the customer feel secure and safe
    7. Keep it simple
    8. State the purpose
    9. Offer an incentive
    10. Follow through on what you say
    11. Be honest
    12. Have a strategy
    13. Have a target market
    14. Make your headline grab attention
    15. Use sub headlines
    16. Make copy the right length
    17. Point out benefits
    18. Point out your uniqueness
    19. Give details
    20. Explain how to they can use your offer
    21. Use photos
    22. Use video

  1. Have a simple layout
  2. No links
  3. Make it easy to opt in
  4. Give information about your business
  5. Have a privacy policy
  6. Generate interest
  7. Understand the point

If you want to see results in your traffic generation... Or you're fed up with the lack of visitors coming to your websites... then it's time to put an end to your website traffic deprivation. Act now and see these tactics at your finger tips.

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